Yoga nature


“It is no secret that yoga postures bring space and flexibility to the body, but we often over look how that openness extends to other aspects of life, like to live comfortably in our bodies and to make compassionate and wise choices in our lives. Yoga opened my heart to new ways of experiencing the world while challenging any limiting thoughts or behaviors. Being consistent with something is hard. Doing it every day is even harder. But that daily commitment can bring huge changes into our lives and that's my constant message to my students”



Beatriz was born in Venezuela and discovered yoga when she was at a stage in life where she only trained at high intensity. Between marathons, TRX, spinning she was burnt out and looking for something more meaningful and less intense. She went to some yoga classes at the gym and tried a couple of classes at different yoga studios until she found her favourite teachers. Very quickly, she realized that yoga was more important than any of her other activities.

A student she met recommended her a place in Costa Rica and there she went for her 200hrs teacher training. After that she started to make plans to make yoga part of her career as a wellness motivator. She started to give classes to her TRX students and some private classes too. She attended anatomy and philosophy workshops to deepen her knowledge.

For Beatriz, yoga is about the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and releasing. So her classes combine both strength and mobility work in a dynamic  Power Vinyasa flow style. Expect to move, sweat and breathe!