Yoga nature


“I welcome you to deepen your studies and practice of vinyasa yoga, honouring the cycles of nature and the sacred flow of Prana - life energy. My mission is to guide you, to inspire you and to support you in fulfilling your potential”



Dedicated Yogini

Born and raised in a little village in the beautiful south of the Netherlands, Daphne moved to Amsterdam in 2000. Although she had been practicing yoga for a while, this is where her practice got serious. As a busy marketeer and world traveller, she came back to her mat every day to find peace of mind and to give space for her energy to move freely. Living an urban life as a full time yogini is energizing and exciting, yet can be challenging at times. Yoga is a wonderful way to find balance.

Experienced Vinyasa Teacher Trainer

Daphne has been sharing the teachings of vinyasa yoga for over 15 years. Through her intensive studies and practice of vinyasa yoga she developed a passion to share the depth and richness of this wonderful full spectrum practice. Vinyasa yoga is rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and Tantras. Daphne shares these teachings from the heart and in a down to earth way.

Coach for yoga teachers

An intuitive coach, Daphnes intention is to guide you, to inspire you and to support you in fulfilling your true potential. She guides you to a deeper connection with your visions and goals, your talents and passions. She supports you on a clear pathway for growth through goal setting, intuitive coaching sessions, embodiment practices and tangible feedback.

Nature Lover – Back to the roots

Nature has always been an important part of Daphnes life. Growing up in the country side, taking care of dogs and horses, she grew a deep love and respect for nature. The elements in nature and the cycles of the sun and the moon are her main source of inspiration for regular classes, retreats and trainings. As a passionate traveller, she loves to spend time around mountains, rivers and forests to recharge and find inspiration.

Recently Daphne moved back to her roots and she is living in a wonderful little farm house in the middle of nature with her best-buddy-boarder-collie-friend Jay. She is the founder of our Yoga Nature Studio & Café in Maastricht and of her ‘Living Vinyasa’ Teacher Training program.