Earth Body – 3-day Spring Retreat with Flo Dedame

15/16/17 March 2024

Join international guest teacher Flo Dedame for an urban nature retreat at our Yoga Nature Studio and allow yourself to slowly transition into the Spring season.

Earth Body Spring Retreat

We know that to lose our connection with the Body is to become spiritually homeless, and without an anchor, we float aimlessly, battered by the storms of life.

In our Spring Rebirth retreat, we will reclaim our roots and allow the grounding to orient us in space and time. How we nourish our vessel through conscious breath and kind thoughts restores trust and confidence in our ability to contain and hold while connecting to our source of support. The Body has an intelligence whose mysteries the mind has yet to fathom.

We are restoring our bond with the Natural World through the essence of Being, seen through the pillars of practice.

The Essence of Retreat

So, what is a retreat? We might call it taking time out or stepping out of time. Simply allowing a gap in the hurry as we often live with a sense of tremendous speed propelled toward a projected future.
For space to emerge, for stillness to be heard beyond the words, we need to neutralize our availability and carve a moment in time to fully meet ourselves beyond the beliefs and experiences that keep us repeating over and over the same patterns. This patterning holds us back in moving into poses, the transitions, the serene suspended holding, and how we breathe ourselves into Life and speak from a kind heart. Retreats have a gift: they let fresh air into the mind, loosen the grip of habitual thinking, and allow movement to serve the embodiment of one’s highest potential. We need time to slow down.

This weekend immersive retreat is designed for curious practitioners and teachers looking to deepen their understanding and expand their horizons in all aspects of Yoga Practice.

May the Gift of Time hold you and unfold you in miraculous ways!

“I look forward to our gathering and the deepening of our EARTH BODY inquiry into
flexibility and consistency with a strong sense of presence, affirming with ease and
grace the right to stand tall in that which we are” – Flo

Retreat Schedule

This Spring Retreat is a deep dive inward, a journey that starts on Friday and ends on Sunday afternoon:

Friday: 18.00 – 21.00

Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00

Sunday: 9.00 – 16.00

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Datum: 15/03/2024
Tijd: 6:00 pm tot 9:00 pm
Locatie: Yoga Nature Studio
Prijs: € 255,- (member discounts apply)

Flo Dedame

I started practicing yoga 25 years ago in the Iyengar tradition with Faeq Biria, father Jo Pereira and Aadil Palkhivala. These revered teachers carved a lasting imprint in my beginning journey, infused with profound reverence for the teachings of yoga. When introduced to Vijnana three years later, I found a strength in the soft feminine approach to practicing that changed the course of my life. I was home in my being, and the intuitive knowledge sparked a commitment to daily practice and has guided my steps ever since. I was certified in Vijnana yoga in Israel, where my teacher Orit Sen Gupta resides while studying with Gioia Irwin, whose contribution to the Vijnana practice opened the door to the world of fascia and biotensegrity. In 2013 I started an immersion program in Yurtland, which became a three-year teacher training; another training soon followed. I spent six years guiding and training wonderful souls who are now certified with an 8oo hour international diploma. With a passion for movement and a fascination for the body as an instrument, I dove into the new science of biotensegrity. I became certified as a Melt instructor while continuing to study the unraveling of the subtle connections and their impact on meditation and breath within my practice. Meeting Swami Muktibodhananda brought yet another level to my ongoing journey. The flavor of tantric yoga expressed in an earthy, rooted manner brought further understanding to the countless energetic conversations that were going on beneath the visible form. To this day, I still return to my teachers with a humble heart. Practice is the place where nothing is missing. I meet the mat daily and bow to the ground as a sign of attainment. I have taught for 23 years, thousands of hours, here in Yurtland and in Europe. My mother, with whom I hosted ten-day retreats in France for nine years, asked me, "how many retreats have you offered?" We researched together, going through old planners; this upcoming retreat in January will be my 73rd!

From the shadows- S.Artuso photo
Flo Dedame
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