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Follow your rhythm, your nature, your dreams: live your Yoga Nature.

Yoganature daphne en hond

Yoga Nature -
nature is our inspiration

We believe that nature is the main source of inspiration when it comes to finding yourself back. Whether you are looking for new energy or simply would like to find some peace and quiet. This is why we have created a place that is inspired by nature.


We invite you to come back to yourself. To find your own nature. To simplify making the right choices in your (daily) life. Simpler, in order to make your dreams come true.

Yoganature onze studio en cafe

Our studio

Our wonderfully lit, spacious yoga studio located in the pittoresque heart of Maastricht, eminates nature, peace, inspiration, pleasure, and energy. Our studio is the hub for yoga and meditation, in-depth workshops and training courses, energetic sessions, as well as a free cup of tea and a warm smile.

You will feel right at home in our historical building that we have taken the greatest care to re-design as a yoga studio. All for your well-being.

We would love to see you in our Yoga Nature Studio!

What is your Yoga Nature?

Are you a spicy type or would you describe yourself more as zen? Can you be found on your yoga mat every day or do you find the occasional class more than enough? You may want to dive into yoga and learn to share your passion. Or maybe yoga is new to you and you want to start slowly.

We appreciate you just the way you are and we hope you will feel free to discover yoga in your own way. We offer magical vinyasa yoga classes, meditations, workshops, trainings, XL classes, retreats, a cup of tea in our cozy lounge and a smile! In our Yoga Nature Studio in Maastricht.

Yoganature zaalverhuur

Living vinyasa - Living in rhythm

Everything we do at our Yoga Nature Studi is done with the intelligence and creativity of nature in mind. Nature is constantly in motion, with new cycles effortlessly following each other. Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that refers to these cycles as well as to nature’s own rhythm.

As a result, Vinyasa yoga is an intelligent and creative form of yoga that invites you to come back to and find yourself. To find your own nature.

Yoganature team

Our people

Who are the people that make up Yoga Nature Studio in Maastricht? Which inspiring team is ready to share our philosophy with you?

These things are important to us…



to follow your own rhythm, flow, and nature



the foundation for connection and growth



life is complicated enough; we believe that humor and friendliness make life a lot more fun



what we are offering is safe, rooted in tradition, high-quality and professional



we respect you as a human being, your body, and your background. We respect nature and believe in equality



if you want to learn, achieve, or change something, it will take time, energy, and effort, which is not always easy, but we are here to help

Our team

The Nature of Yoga-
we offer yoga teacher trainings!

You can practice yoga on your mat and you can integrate yoga into your daily life. Yoga philosophy is comprehensive and enriching. Studying the essence of yoga actually means that you’re studying the essence of yourself, which makes you a more attractive, happier person.

Would you like to enrich yourself by studying yoga? Take a peek at our workshop and teacher training courses or come visit our Yoga Nature Studio in Maastricht.

Our vinyasa yoga teacher training courses are well known for their impeccable quality and razor-sharp focus. We’ll train you according to our own philosophy in which ‘embodiment’ comes first.

Yogasessie met Daphne Koken