ZEN XL NEW MOON SPECIAL with Stephanie & Live music by Nadie

Join Stephanie and Nadie on a heart filling journey during this Zen XL Special on the first New Moon of Spring!  

Come and enjoy this extra long gentle vinyasa flow guided by Stephanie and be moved by the healing sounds of Nadie’s heart opening music. This inner journey will begin with a guided meditation that invites you to connect with your inner realm. There will be time and space for journalling and intention setting. Supported by heart nourishing songs, we will gently flow into fluid movements that invite the mind to unwind and the body to relax.

This XL Special  will ground down into an extended savasana and yoga nidra, guided by Nadie’s mesmerizing voice. 

All levels welcome!

Please bring pen & paper.

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Date: 07/04/2024
Time: 4:00 pm tot 6:00 pm
Location: Yoga Nature Studio
Price: € 35 (members: € 29,75)

Stephanie Temple

Stephanie was born in the Philippines and raised in Alaska. In 2011 she found yoga to help her manage the heavy expectations she put on herself in school and in 2014 when she completed her first teacher training, her whole life changed. Yoga improved alignment not just in her body, but in every layer of herself. She traveled southeast Asia in 2018 for over a year while teaching yoga in various locations and experienced how the practice of yoga brought people from limitless backgrounds together. With one breath.

Stephanie Temple
Nadie Reyhani

Nadie Reyhani is a Dutch singer-songwriter. Anyone who listens to her songs will find themselves immersed in a dreamy world of escapism and wonders. Rolling with the waves of soothing melodies, uplifting beats and Nadie's fragile voice. Balancing on the thin line between fantasy and fiction, her songs reflect her Persian roots and combine her love for introspective pop music with the pureness of folk. Her music is mysterious, magical and unconventional. It creates a feeling of being lost in time, while bathing in clear and hopeful tones. Born as the daughter of a musician, Nadie Reyhani was no stranger to studios when she was growing up. She started to write her own songs at a very young age and released two EPs in her twenties. In 2012 she released a debut album and in 2022 the latest EP 'Someone Someone'. At the moment she's working on new music.

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