Find a yoga class that fits your Nature

Would you prefer ‘juicy’ or would you rather work on your core? Are you into ‘zen’ or more of a ‘spicy’ type? There’s no need to choose. All is possible at our Yoga Nature Studio in Maastricht.

Feel free to explore our classes and decide which class(es) fit your Nature.


Roots of flow


Wake up flow

juicy flow

Juicy flow


Spicy flow

Core flow

Core flow

Easy-on-sunday flow

Easy-on-sunday flow

Gentle flow

Gentle flow

Zen flow

Zen flow


Rest & Restore


Prenatal yoga

Private sessions, coaching & massages

Do you prefer to receive personal guidance? Are there specific goals you would like to work on? Or would you like to practice at a time that suits you better?

We offer private classes and coaching sessions as well as shiatsu massages for your wellbeing! Send an email to bewell@yoganaturestudio.com and tell us your wishes.


Single private class: €75 (60 min)

5x Yoga Nature Private: €350 (5 x 60 min)

Shiatsu massage: € 85 (60 min)

Are you new to yoga?

Are you planning to take up yoga in the near future? We would love to help you! You don’t need to be
flexible or strong, but that is exactly what you will become when you hit the mat. Maybe you would like to
do yoga in order to create more peace of mind. Or would you perhaps like to learn to do a
headstand? No matter your intention, there is always a class that will work for you. That will fit
your nature. Your very own Yoga Nature.

Come by for some advice. Or book a class that inspires you and find your Yoga Nature.

Vinyasa Yoga is our foundation

All our classes are inspired by the intelligence and creativity of nature. The seasons, the elements, the sun and the moon. As a result, our Vinyasa Yoga classes ensure that you move to the rhythm of your breathing. You move in a very natural way from one posture to the next which creates a feeling of true flow. A Vinyasa class has something magical about it, whether it is a spicy, juicy, gentle or zen class. This is caused by the connection with Prana, or energy, which results in you moving not just physically, but also at a deeper, more energetic level. It could also mean you experience a more calm and quiet feeling.

Yoganature team

Who teaches these magical yoga lessons?

Our team of teachers will be here for you every day in order to guide and inspire you. Get to know these wonderful teachers and discover which yoga lessons they teach.