starting yoga

Get off to a good start on your yoga mat!

Get off to a good start on your yoga mat!

Are you thinking of taking up yoga in the near future? We’d love to help you! it is never too late to start doing yoga and the good news is.... you can try a class for only 10 euro.

You don’t need to be flexible or strong to start doing yoga; but that is exactly what will happen when
you hit your mat more often.

We believe that yoga can bring something positive to anyone who does it. Whether you are looking
for more peace of mind or you just want to learn to do a headstand. No matter what your intention
is, there is always a class that will fit you. That will fit your nature. So don’t hesitate - it is never too late to start doing yoga.

Come visit and we’ll gladly advise you. Or book a lesson that looks good to you and discover your
own Yoga Nature.

Your first yoga class:
what to bring?

You don’t need to bring anything to your first yoga lesson!


Trial class for 10 euro


We have everything you will need: a yoga mat, blocks, pillows en blankets


Fresh tea will be ready for you

Tips to make your start easier:


Please wear comfortable clothing (you can change in our dressing room)


Please arrive roughly 15 minutes before the lesson starts. This will give you plenty of time to register and to roll out your mat


Please let us know if you have any injuries or whether you’re pregnant, so that we can properly guide you


Come with an open mind and a fresh dose of curiosity and enjoy your first yoga lesson!

Which yoga lesson is best for you?

Would you like to start doing yoga but you don’t know which class to take?

Take a look at our selection of classes. In addition to the regular classes, we have a series workshops for
beginning yogi’s. These are perfect in order to get more in-depth knowledge of yoga techniques, so
that it will be easier to start doing the regular classes.

Would you rather try out a few more classes? Then you can buy our Taste of Yoga card, allowing you to take three regular classes of your choice for a very friendly tariff.

Roots of Flow

If you’ve never done yoga, ‘Roots of Flow’ is a good option: it will teach you the basic techniques
which will give you the proper foundation for any further classes that you’ll be doing.

Gentle Flow

Our Gentle Flow classes are less technical in nature, but will still give you the possibility to start slowly. The Easy on Sunday Flow is a great class too, if you’re just starting yoga.

Wake up Flow

A very do-able lesson that is somewhat more energetic. A nice class in case you are used to other more
active forms of sport or fitness.

Zen Flow

If you primarily want to learn to combine meditation with stretches that give your body more space,
the Zen flow class is a great start. Do this lesson if you are looking for peace of mind and

Workshop voor beginners: Get your Yoga Started

This series of three workshops is ideal for the beginning yogi. Here you will learn about the importance of breathing and the use of your ‘core’. We will also analyse the basis for the yoga postures you’ll be doing in our classes. You will also get more background information about yoga philosophy.

What can you expect from us?


Professional teaching and assistance


Personal attention


An inviting, motivational style


A down-to-earth approach


Respect and space for your experience