Vinyasa yoga
teacher trainings

With Daphne Koken and guest teachers

Follow your rhythm, your nature, your dream: become a vinyasa yoga teacher!

Would you like to explore the nature of yoga? Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice?

We offer a rich program of vinyasa yoga teacher trainings that allow you to inspire others. Would you like to enrich your practice and learn how to share your inspiration with others in an authentic way? Then register for our 200uurs vinyasa opleiding or for one of the advanced teacher trainings we offer.

Vinyasa Yoga as a foundation

Our vinyasa yoga teacher trainings in Maastricht focus on the studies and integration of the principles of vinyasa yoga; an authentic and rich yoga system that is deeply rooted in connecting with the rhythm, logic and creativity of nature,

Vinyasa; connecting with nature

The rhythm of nature and her inherent logic are at the roots of vinyasa yoga. Applying this logic to the build up of a vinyasa yoga class will lead to a seamless flow that brings together intelligence and creativity. Fluid transitions unfold naturally. The body organically opens in order for Prana - life energy to find its way through the body. The energetic focus of vinyasa yoga is rejuvenating and it helps rebalancing body and mind. This way, Vinyasa Yoga guides you back to your own Nature.

During our teacher trainings you will learn how to create a vinyasa yoga class that is in tune with the rhythm of the day, week and life in general. Every day is different. So is every body. We focus on creating sequences that both serve the beginning yogi as well as more advanced practitioners. Vinyasa yoga is rooted in an ancient and rich tradition. Daphne Koken, founder of our trainings, fully committed her energy to this wonderful yoga system for many years.

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