With Daphne Koken and guest teachers

Follow your rhythm, your nature, your dream: become a vinyasa yoga teacher!

On 6 September 2024, our Living Vinyasa Teacher Training Maastricht will start again. Are you ready to follow your own nature to become a yoga teacher? Would you like to expand your own practice by integrating yoga farther into your own life, and by sharing it with others? Join us on this adventure and dive deep into the world of vinyasa yoga. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and hugely enthusiastic team can’t wait to start!

Our vinyasa yoga teacher training courses are well known for their high quality and clear focus. We’ll train you by using our own philosophy in which ‘embodiment’ is a priority. We are offering a Yoga Alliance certified training course that will take you back to your own Nature while giving you the tools to inspire others!


Would you like to meet us personally, have a feel for our studio and get to ask your questions personally? Then come to our info session on Sunday 10 March, 12.00, on Kleine Looiersstraat 6 in Maastricht.

Tip! Join Daphne's Rise & Shine Flow at 10.30 -11.45 before joining the info session.

Program -
What will you learn

During our vinyasa yoga teacher training we will analyse, experience, and observe different families of yoga postures which will give you a clear understanding of the anatomy and energetics of movement. With the principles of vinyasa yoga as a foundation, you will learn how to create vinyasa classes that are both safe and varied. You will learn to move on the rhythm of your own energy, and you will dive into your own ‘vinyasa of life’.

By studying yoga philosophy and its integration, you will learn how to translate this ancient wisdom into the here and now on your yoga mat. The meditation and breathing techniques that you will be learning will enrich your own practice and the classes you will be teaching. Our personal development plan will give you more insight into who you are and who you want to be as a yoga teacher. In this way, you will learn to inspire other people by using your own experience.

This approach to our 200h vinyasa yoga teacher training will provide you with a solid foundation for your development as a yoga teacher.

Wat ga je leren bij Yoga Nature Studio

Pranayama, Meditation & Mindfulness

You will learn to understand the principles of vinyasa and to work with Prana (life energy), the vayus (the directions of energy), breathing (pranayama), and bandhas that form the roots of every yoga practice. Meditation and mindfulness make up an essential part of any yoga practice. You will be trained in these disciplines which will give you more and more depth on your yoga path.

Asana alignment & Hands-on assisting techniques

You will be analysing yoga postures (asanas) and experiencing how you can effectively help students to get more out of their yoga practice. You will learn to adapt postures for beginners and how to deal with common yoga injuries. You will learn the basic hands-on techniques which you will be using to help your own students during their practice.

Anatomy & Physiology

You will receive a solid foundation in the anatomy and physiology of the human body and how to apply these principles to your lessons. We will take time to study common injuries such as hernias, S.I. problems and shoulder and wrist injuries. You will learn how you can best deal with these injuries during a class. We will also study common misalignments and how to work with them in order to prevent injuries.

Vinyasa Krama Sequencing: creating vinyasa yoga classes

Vinyasa sequencing: You will learn how to sequence a yoga class in a safe and intelligent way, while maintaining the freedom to add your own creativity. These are classes that will bring students back in touch with their own nature. During this training course you will be working with the ‘D.I.Y. - sequence’: a smart, do-it-yourself-system that is made up of foundational segments designed for any level of yoga class. Using this series you can make your own choices on how to be safe, diverse, and creative.

Self - Practice

Personal practice/embodiment: you are going to spend many hours on your yoga mat. This will allow you to connect deeply with yourself and to start sharing from that place of inner connection. We will assist you in creating the structure of your own home-practice, but we also invite you to practice at our Yoga Nature Studio in Maastricht. This way we will be able to guide you on your path to becoming a vinyasa yoga teacher. During our classes at the studio we will spend time working on your alignment and technique, while giving you hands-on assists in order to help you cultivate your embodiment.


Yoga philosophy is an important pillar of our vinyasa teacher training. You will get a feel for the historical timeline of yoga philosophy and you will dive into the different schools throughout history. We will explore two important and traditional scriptures: the yoga sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita. We will share yoga philosophy in a 'hands-on' way, making it applicable to daily life.

Teaching skills

Teaching skills: learn how to teach in an authentic way: how to use the space, your voice, your body, your energy. Which music do you use and how do you decide on the purpose of your class? You learn when to demo and how to use other tools while teaching.

Personal Development

As a teacher and as a person: the principle of ‘Vinyasa Krama’ is important. You start from where you are as a teacher. During this training we will guide you on your path to become a teacher: step by step you will be motivated and inspired to find your way, starting from a solid foundation and working towards authenticity and your intention as a teacher.

Yoga Nature studio onze missie

Our mission:
What are we offering you?

  • 8 inspiring weekends of education, information exchange, practice, workshops, partnered exercises, focus & dedication, as well as a lot of fun
  • 1 exam weekend
  • Relevant, applicable, ‘hands on’ teachings
  • A fresh, new look at an authentic and rich yoga tradition
  • Teachings of top quality: we have invited the best teachers in the field to join us in making our 200hours Vinyasa Teacher Training a success: every element of the course is taught by a top team of teachers that we are proud of
  • This Yoga Alliance Certified teacher training course forms the foundation for your successful career as a vinyasa teacher
  • Group of max. 14 students so that we can really go in-depth with each other!

What do we expect from you?

  • An open, curious attitude as well as critical thinking
  • Focus and dedication both during and outside of the weekends
  • A solid understanding of Dutch and English. Some of the workshops will be taught in English. Some of the books will also only be available in English.

Teacher team


1500hr+ Vinyasa yoga teacher & senior teacher trainer, owner of Yoga Nature Studio & Café, founder of Living Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga techniques (breathing, bandha’s, hands-on assists)
  • Asana techniques
  • Applied anatomy & physiology
  • Sequencing/lesson sequence
  • Philosophy
  • Teaching skills
  • Running a yoga business
  • Personal instriuction


500 uur+ Vinyasa yoga teacher & teacher trainer
  • Personal instruction
  • Coaching and personal development

Tanja van der Kooij

500 uur+ yoga teacher & teacher trainer

  • Yoga techniques (breathing, bandha’s)
  • Applied anatomy & physiology
  • Meditation techniques

Selena Starcevic

500 uur+ yoga teacher & teacher trainer
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Personal development

Selena Starcevic

500 uur+ yoga teacher & teacher trainer
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Personal development

Alice Rientjes

Coach, voice expression, breath & systemic work
  • Coaching and personal development
  • Voice & breath

Dates, rates & registration

Dates 2024/2025

6/7/8 September
4/5/6 October
1/2/3 November
6/7/8 December, 20 December
10/11/12 January
7/8/9 February
7/8/9 March
4/5/6 April

20 April (practical-exam)

Days & Times*

Fridays: 12.00 – 20.30
Saturdays: 12.00 – 20.30
Sundays: 9.30 – 16.00

*Times may vary


Early Bird: 2.650 euro incl. 21% tax (full payment before 6 july 2024)

After 6 July 2024: 2.850 euro incl. 21% tax

Payment of 500 euro will guarantee your spot. This amount is non-refundable. It is possible to pay in installments. Send us an email for more info.


We expect that you’ve already invested a serious amount of time on the mat and that you have a solid foundation to your yoga practice. You must properly understand both English and Dutch. Should you hesitate as to whether you have enough experience, please contact us for a personal consultation.


  • Following classes at Yoga Nature Studio Maastricht: 16 classes to be done with Daphne, Eva
  • Observing classes: a minimum of 8 lessons done by Daphne and Eva
  • Practice teaching: together with fellow students you’ll form a study group aimed at practicing the art of teaching
  • Self-study: 2 mandatory books that will be taught as assignments during the training. 2 additional books can be chosen voluntarily from the recommended literature, of which you’ll be writing a report.

We kijken ernaar uit je in onze Yoga Studio in Maastricht te ontvangen