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Living in the flow of life means moving with the flow of life. Movement creates space, space to meet yourself in the moment and open yourself step by step from the inside out. Yoga lives in all of us. From my heart I share Yoga with passion and love with others. - Eva



About Eva 

15 years ago Eva came into contact with Yoga. Yoga has been an important element in her life ever since. Hatha Yoga has long been a foundation for her own Yoga practice until she came into contact with Vinyasa Yoga in 2015. During the 300hr Vinyasa Yoga training, the love to share Yoga with others blossomed. 

Eva has a background in dance, and in Vinyasa Yoga, movement and consciousness come together in a beautiful way. At the moment Eva is specializing in Prana Vinyasa. A Yoga-form developed by Shiva Rea in which moving with the flow of life, embracing your own life-flow and creating a connection with your purpose in life, is the centre.

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
With energy, enthusiasm, softness, depth and pleasure, Eva integrates her passion for movement in consciousness in a beautiful way. She integrates flow in groups in a soft and dynamic form and invites everyone to create space in body and mind, and to open up to one’s own core and essence of life.

Coaching and personal guidance for being, learning and healing 
As a manager, leader and coach in business, Eva is concerned with both personal development and group trajectories in which the development of the individual and group are central. With passion for people and a heart for development, she experiences these roles as highly valuable and authenticated.  

Embrace your life journey 
As a lover of life, nature, yoga, delicious food and everything she has learned during her life-journey, believing in the self-healing ability of the body, she felt the urge to set up a business that encompasses all her interests. A company offering all the elements that can contribute to meeting yourself in the moment, to learning, healing and above all to enjoying your most beautiful life. This is how ‘Embrace, your life journey’ was born. An umbrella-name for her company in which the quality of Yoga, magical gemstones, healthy food and massages and essential oils, come together.