Make Space: Breathing Circle with Alice Rientjes

Make space to feel, to connect, to breathe; to clear out old stuff and create space for something new!

Your breath is always with you, and your body is always in the present moment. So breathing is a beautiful tool to get out of your head and to connect with your body in the here and now. The body keeps the score: what is your body telling you?

By breathing you can become more aware of feelings and sensations in your body. With conscious connected breathing you can open your subconscious. Somewhere in life we created beautiful patterns to deal with emotional pain or tough situations. Patterns that helped us really well and made us also successful in a way. But at some point in life, you have to take a look at these patterns. Are they still useful? The feelings you couldn’t feel back then, want to be felt and need some acknowledgement and expression.

Breathing is a beautiful tool to come back to your true nature and let go of patterns that do not serve you anymore. The way we breath in a breathing session allows you to create new pathways in your brain. You can reconsider: what do I need in my life right now and who am I? Conscious connected breathing works on different levels, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. It helps you to release tension and to rebalance on deeper layers.

So make space for your heart, your desires, for that what wants to be seen and felt and get some beautiful insights. Breathing together is really powerful, so welcome to join!

Important note: Breathwork is unfortunately not suitable for people with psychoses or epilepsy.

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Datum: 11/10/2024
Tijd: 7:30 pm tot 10:00 pm
Locatie: Yoga Nature Studio
Prijs: € 49,- (€41,65 for members)

Alice Rientjes

Alice Rientjes has her own coaching practice in Vroenhoven near Maastricht, where she works with emotional bodywork, systemic constellations, breathwork and voice expression. She started her career as a singer performer and has taught at conservatories and music theatre schools for years. She worked as a presentation coach and trainer at Speak to Inspire, and as a program manager she also developed training courses to create more awareness within the higher segment of Dutch Business. She thus has a broad background wherein connection and consciousness have always been important. In addition to having completed the required educations, she has been practicing yoga and meditation techniques for years. Any questions ask Alice -

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Alice Rientjes
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